Happy Birthday, Alexandra !

As of today she will no longer be able to order of the kids menu ( 12 and under ) because Alexandra officially turned a teenager today. 

She got the present she really wanted : a real camera. Dad still had some books from way back about exposure and lighting so those will come in baby agai. This afternoon we also went to bank to open her first own bank account. 

Tomorrow is the party with her friends. Happy birthday, Lexie !


126 laps : that was the result of Lexie’s effort in Saturday morning’s swim-a-thon. Thanks to generous donations from various sponsors Lexie averaged $1.58 per lap and raised $200 dollar. 

 The swim-a-thon is followed by a parents versus kids waterpolo match. Mom and Roos will also participate. I’m relegated to the sidelines as my shoulder doesn’t like to play waterpolo anymore. 

Kwark taart

Roos was in a baking mood yesterday and instead of making a chocolate cake or a cheese cake we decided to go for something typical Dutch : kwark taart. Kwark, or Quark, as it is called here is not available everywhere but some stores do carry it. The results was delicious including a slight lemon flavor which came from fresh lemons from my tree. 

Roos’ Birthday Party

It was a busy weekend. On Saturday night we had tickets for the Night of Destruction in Irwindale.  It was our 4th race at the Irwindale track. The destruction derby was a lot fun and so was the airplane engine truck.  Traffic in LA was bad though This weekend and we only got home after 11pm. On Sunday, Roos met up with her friends and had a good time. It was a bit of a belated birthday party. 

 Alex l

Roos’ 15th birthday

Today Roos-Marion turned 15 years old. She was very adamant about the cake she was going to get and it is with mixed emotions that I realized the last Dutch had gone out of her. I tried to convince her to get a “real” cake from the bakery but she wanted an Oreo cookie cake from the frozen section in the supermarket. I have to say that it tasted pretty good though !

Tonight all of us also had dinner together at a Chinese restaurant. Gary’s dad and uncle where there as well and Alex and mom brought the presents. Roos got a tablet that allows her to draw on her computer.

Remodel aftermath

Last summer I remodeled my bathroom. It was a quite the disaster. What was supposed to last only 3 weeks, turned into a 3 month ordeal. The first contractor gave up about 7 weeks in. There were problems ranging from small to large. Drain hoses that weren’t properly capped, damaged walls and inches of dust blowing through the house are just a few examples. After more than 3 months, when it was finally done, the result was OK but not great in terms of quality. A few weeks after being able to use the bathroom however, the floor started showing signs of trouble. This had to be fixed but I didn’t want to do it over the holiday season. Last week a new contractor came in and the entire shower had to be removed. Turns out that it wasn’t properly designed causing water issues. This is almost a new remodel again… I hope this is over soon !