Father’s Day

Roos and Alex got me the “they shall not pass” video game DLC. I was only allowed to play it for about an hour however as they wanted to play their own game on the Wii U. I focused most of the afternoon on completing a module from a course I’m currently following online at Stanford. 

 For dinner we went to a Colombian restaurant. It is a hole-in-the-wall type restaurant but the food is excellent. 

 De cola is called Kola and from Colombia as well… so it must be good ! 

Summer activities 

Roos and Alex are in their first full week of summer vacation. No school and lots of relaxation. Alex went to town center with her friends to have lunch and hang out a little bit on Saturday. Roos made some real money as she sold one of her drawings. She has quite a few followers online. With school out, she has a little more time to work on her art. Below is one of her drawings. 

On Saturday night, Alex had a sleepover with her best friend. This time it was at her friends house, so Roos and I decided to go see a scary movie ( Lexie isn’t a fan of those ). We picked The Mummy, a remake of a remake but always good for some scary scenes. 

 Sunday was time for a typical American dish: ribs. Given that on Independence Day I’m planning to be in the Netherlands, I decided to start grilling early. I need a little practice as Marco and family will be arriving right when I’m back. 

Memorial Day weekend

It’s a long weekend and we’re making the best of it. This morning I had an early video call from Marco as he is visiting my dad. It’s nice to have him and his family there.

The girls are heading into their last week of school for the year. Alex has already finished all her tests last week and Roos has just Art and English left.

We had a relaxing day at home, mostly playing video games and just hanging out. In the evening we had a good meal and went for a walk on the beach.

Anaheim Packing House

Alex wanted to visit the Anaheim Packaging House today. It is an old converted warehouse that now has all kinds of food stands. The goal was to get, with her friend Manona, a monster boba drink. It was fairly busy so the girls had to stand in line. 

Of course the food experience wouldn’t be limited to just the tea. There was a “dragon breath” desert as well that was too good to pass up. 

Happy Birthday, Alexandra !

As of today she will no longer be able to order of the kids menu ( 12 and under ) because Alexandra officially turned a teenager today. 

She got the present she really wanted : a real camera. Dad still had some books from way back about exposure and lighting so those will come in baby agai. This afternoon we also went to bank to open her first own bank account. 

Tomorrow is the party with her friends. Happy birthday, Lexie !


126 laps : that was the result of Lexie’s effort in Saturday morning’s swim-a-thon. Thanks to generous donations from various sponsors Lexie averaged $1.58 per lap and raised $200 dollar. 

 The swim-a-thon is followed by a parents versus kids waterpolo match. Mom and Roos will also participate. I’m relegated to the sidelines as my shoulder doesn’t like to play waterpolo anymore. 

Kwark taart

Roos was in a baking mood yesterday and instead of making a chocolate cake or a cheese cake we decided to go for something typical Dutch : kwark taart. Kwark, or Quark, as it is called here is not available everywhere but some stores do carry it. The results was delicious including a slight lemon flavor which came from fresh lemons from my tree.