Baking cookies

It’s not that often anymore that Roos and Alex do things together but today they were baking cookies. The idea sprung up when we were doing grocery shopping yesterday. The cream cheese cookies tasted really good.

Back home on new years eve…

Flight AF072 took Roos and myself home to LAX this afternoon as the last leg on our trip.

It was a relatively long flight: almost 12 hours with quite a bit of turbulence as well. Mascha was there to pick us up from the Airport and took us home quickly. Rusty came over right away and Alex is here as well. Roos jumped in the shower right away and is already asleep. I’m not far behind. Tomorrow a new year…

Zwolle and surroundings

Over the last few stays we have been visiting family and have been on familiar trails in Zwolle. Last night we visited my aunt (Riekie) to have a very Dutch dinner: Boerenkool. My oldest cousin, Carolien, was there as well. I hadn’t seen her in many, many years and I don’t think that Roos had ever met her before. We were both surprised about the resemblance, even though the fact that they wore similar glasses and shirt might have contributed.

Earlier in the day we had taken a day-trip to Almelo. By train it was barely 40 minutes. There was a very nice bookstore there and I added a few pounds to my suitcase with some new books.

Of course in Zwolle, Roos needed to go back to her Dutch roots by eating kibbeling and Hollandse Nieuwe. All the be washed down with a very Dutch drink : Fristy.

Roos also visited Opa en Oma van Dijk a few times. The first visit was kept a surprise: only Uncle Eddie was in on it. He picked up Roos to go make a surprise visit. Today Roos went on a shopping run with Opa and Oma to get fillers for her suitcase.

Christmas dinner with Jans

This morning we departed from Cologne. We stayed here just for the night on our way to Wapenveld / Zwolle. We went to visit Opa Jans first in his new apartment in Rehobot. He was happy to see us. When we were there for about 30 minutes, Ina Zwerus, her husband and son also came to visit my dad.

Since Roos was craving some “kroketten” we decided to go to a local snackbar for lunch. This wasn’t easy as it was “tweede Kerstdag” (second Christmas Day) and many stores are closed. We did however find a place in Hattem where they even had a Fristi. Roos’ favorite Dutch drink.

In the evening I went back to my dad. We had Christmas dinner together at Rehobot which consisted of “brood met kaas” en there was also “warme ragout”.


This morning we had a few hours to spare before taking the train to Strasbourg at 4pm. After breakfast we walked over to the Louvre. Roos was interested in the Egyptian section. Jet lag is definitely real however and after about 2 hours we both had seen enough Egyptian papyrus, trinkets and sarcophagi. We stopped to have a hot chocolate milk at a nearby cafe and are getting ready to pack our bags to take the high speed train from Gare D’Est.

Catacombs of Paris

This evening we visited the catacombs of Paris. It was one of the sights that Roos had wanted to go to Paris for. We had a quick dinner at Cafe Rendezvous-Vous before heading across the road and down the 234 steps to almost 60 feet below the streets.

We were the last ones in and the guard walked after us to close up. After we came out we took a taxi to the Louvre and walked around a the area a little until we found a cafe that had hot chocolate milk.

Time at Thanksgiving

This week is a holiday week and I am working from home. Many people are off and Roos and Lexie have vacation as well. This gave me some time to dig up an old VHS player and start to digitize some of the tapes I found at Opa’s house. So far I’ve found a video of my Royal Military Academy final thesis presentation, Marco’s high school diploma ceremony and Mascha teasing our dog Max while wearing a cast. I hope I have a little bit more time in the coming weeks to organize all of it.