Tomorrow will be a big day. We are leaving our house at Shady Lane.
The girls will then have two separate homes. Big transition but we will make the best of it.
The new addresses will be sent by email. We will stay in same old same old California 🙂

Last week winter break activities

This week we did a day at Crystal Cove Beach with Ben and Josh, a play date with the Guidotti girls, bowling with Victoria and Aeneas and ice skating with Keira, Victoria, Claire and Paige.
Alexandra learned that birds are sometimes not nice because a seagull snatched 3/4 of her cookie out of her hand and that it is tough to be an all star soccer player 🙂 It is hard work.
The Eagles played well today, one game was 3-3 and the other one 0-0.
Way to go number 22, keep the hard work up.


Coffee lab

Starbucks is around for a number of years but now a new coffee shop has opened: Portola Coffee Lab. Not only can you order cappuccino, latte and espresso but for a regular coffee you can pick a preparation method and the the kind of beans you want. I (Cor) decided to try a siphoned coffee which creates a very light and fruity coffee. It is not cheap at $7 per cup but it tastes very good. Roos-Marijn tried the store next door which specializes in tea and mini cakes.

Siphoned coffee

All Star Alexandra

Today was the start of the AYSO all star season for Alexandra. The Eagles were playing two games. The first game The Eagles lost, 2-0 and the second game they won
2-0. It was the first time that they played as a team and overall they did pretty good.
Alexandra did a couple of nice corner kicks and had good throw ins. We are very proud of her!

New Years Walk

To start the year good we went for a beach walk. We almost walked 5 miles. In The Netherlands it’s tradition to dive into the Noordzee te celebrate the first day of the year.
We had a late lunch/early dinner at The Beachcomber instead.