Little girls are getting big

First Middle School dance for Roos and she was a little bit nervous. Lucas asked her to go with her and that was really cool for Roos 🙂
Hawaii is the theme and I’m sure she is having a blast.


Pool day

The girls today had a play date with a friend from school. Her name is Juliette and she is also in Vista Verde school. Her dad also lives in Aliso Viejo and he invited us over to the Renaissance Club where they have pools and other activities for kids. We took some action shots of Roos on the inflatable slide.





The girls are crazy about playing the Wii and the iPad. Recently however we started playing Clue and we have a lot if fun with that. Alex is pretty good at it as she takes good notes during the game.


However it was Roos who won the game today: Col Mustard with the wrench in the library…


This week I am in Rotterdam. It is already very Dutch. People smoking at the table next to me on a terrace restaurant. Wasps circling the beer glass and about 30 minutes waiting time between courses.
The good news is that the hotel is on the Westersingel. This is around the corner from the Boijmans-van Beuningen museum, which is one of the museums I still want to see.


Happy Birthday



Today was my birthday and Roos and Alex woke me up with presents and big smiles ! We had a celebration dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Motif in Monarch Beach. Tonight there is no big party because tomorrow morning I am flying to The Netherlands. I think I will celebrate Monday morning with bitterballen …

First day of school 2013-2014

Monday July 29th was the first day of the new school year. Roos started 6th grade and that is junior middle school at our school. She has a bunch of new teachers and she is very excited about changing rooms and getting a new teacher for every block/period. Alexis started 4th grade with Mrs. Schneider and she’s a happy camper with her new teacher. The first week is already done and the girls were tired after 5 weeks of sleeping in, back to schedule again.
Have a great year girls and do the best you can.


Ant farm update

After trying several times with local ants, Roos’ ant farm is now up and running. The local ants were quite small and very hard to catch. The ones we got didn’t really dig in the medium either so we ordered some ants on the Internet. We ordered some really big and strong ones and they are having a good time ! They arrived in a test tube the next day and we set them free this week. They straight away starting cutting down the plants ( seedlings) and are also starting to tunnel. Hopefully we will get to see a lot of their tunnels and how they behave.