A happy new year..

This year, a lot of things happened. Ups and downs… even the tail end of 2013 had a surprise. Just after Christmas I noticed something strange with my wooden floor. It turned out that the dishwasher had started to leak. The water had been absorbed into the floor and the wooden cabinets of the kitchen. A very large part if the kitchen had to be taken out. This is the situation on New Years Eve.


Besides the demolition of half the kitchen, the restoration company also installed large air dryers to get the remaining moisture out. These make quite a bit of noise 24/7.

Hopefully 2014 brings a little more luck. Happy new year !!

Christmas aftermath ..

Today the girls celebrated part one of Christmas. Later this week there will be a repeat at Mascha’s house. Traditionally Roos and Alex really like ripping the paper and throwing it around and this year was no exception. Roos had a play date yesterday so Alex and I did a bit if last minute gift shopping. Roos however had a nice surprise because she and her friend Vivi also went out to shop and had bought a nice present for Alex as well.


Alex musical concert

Today Alex had a concert at school. She gave mom and dad a little encore after it was over.

Decorating the tree

This afternoon we started decorating the christmas tree. We bought this one when we first moved to New Jersey now almost 8 years ago. It has been a loyal companion even though some of the lights are starting to fail.



This month there is a Cirque du Soleil show in Irvine. The show is called Totem. Roos had her friend Vivi over for a play date and we decided to go to the show. The acts were really impressive, especially the girls on the unicycles that can balance and throw cups on their heads.


The show was almost 2 hours and we had a really good time.