Belated birthday party

This weekend friends from work came over to celebrate my (belated) birthday party. We started out with an early morning hike. There are some great cooks amongst the team and everybody brought great food. There was a great birthday cake and lots of BBQ. Roos and Alex had sleepover parties but were back early in the afternoon and were able to enjoy the food. The chicken and steak from a local butcher near work in Del Amo was the best.







van den Berg family back in the UK

Yesterday the vacation of Marco, Annette, Saskia, Sylvie and Benjamin was already over. 18 days have flown by and we had a lot of fun. We had a difficult time saying goodbye because it will be a while before we see each other again. Hopefully we can make Christmas work: Alex and Roos both would like to go to England.
Here are the girls saying goodbye just minutes before they left for the airport. The house was quiet after the little cousins left but we are thankful you guys came to visit us this summer !



We went to ” the happiest place on earth” today. Roos and Alex had to go to school and Mascha was babysitting Benjamin, so it was just the 5 of us. We saw a few of the rides and had a BBQ lunch. Saskia was brave enough to go on the Thunder Mountain railroad roller coaster with Cor and Marco. Cor had to leave later in the afternoon but Saskia and Silvie stayed to see the fireworks.



San Diego Safari park

Over the weekend we visited both Dana Point as well as San Diego Zoo Safari Park. In Dana point we strolled along the harbor and enjoyed some of the salty ocean air. Saskia and Sylvie got to play a little on the beach. On Sunday, the 8 of us went to the Safari park that is part of San Diego Zoo. It is about an hour drive from Aliso Viejo in a town called Escondido. The Safari park has 2 of the 7 rare southern white rhinos that are still alive and we got to see them in the park. We also saw many other animals. In total there are over 2600 animals in the park.