Welcome back to LA

This morning I arrived back in LA from my trip to Queretaro. The flight back was a lot less eventful than the trip there but there was a little surprise. In Los Angelese there is a brush fire near Silverado Canyon. The smoke was hitting the underside of some clouds as we flew by.


Mexico… but not quite..

This week I will be traveling to Mexico. While we only live a good two hours driving from the border with Mexico, this one was still a pretty long trip. First I was going to fly to Houston, TX and from there to Queretaro. All in all a good 6 hour flight. At least that was the plan… turned out that the weather in Houston was bad and after circling for a while the plane diverted to Austin, TX. Here it refueled and waited for the weather to clear before it could resume flying to Houston. This took a good few hours and I ended up spending the night in Houston as there were no more flights. I then had to stay for most of the day in Houston as the first flight that I could be booked on was at 6pm. Not a good omen as I am making this trip for my new job with Mars.

I did manage to get a nice picture from after the storm cleared.


Querétaro however promises to be a very nice city. The climate is very nice and the environment is very diverse.

Labor Day BBQ

With Lexi’s eggs we needed some BBQ. Today is Labor Day in the US. In most if the country that signals the end of the summer: the last day of BBQ and being in the pool. Of course in Southern California it is a little different but we celebrated anyways. Tonight we are going to watch something the girls have both come to enjoy: Top Gear Specials. We’ve seen Bolivia and Ukraine. Tonight one of my favorites: Vietnam from 2008 )Season 12 ).