Highest bar in the world 

Today I will fly from Hong Kong to Beijing as next week I will be in mainland China. Yesterday however I realized that the hotel I was in has the highest bar in the world. It’s the Ozone bar on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. The views are absolutely spectecular. The waiter was Dutch… you can pick up the accent right away.   I wasn’t able to stay around for long as I had several late calls for work and already needed to leave at 6am for my flight.

Alex is almost on her way back from Hawaii and today she sent over some pictures.

Hong Kong

This week I will be in Hong Kong for work. I’m staying at the 113th floor of a hotel with quite a beautiful view at night. The flight over here was with an airline that I’ve not flown previously: Cathay Pacific. I’m not the only one traveling this week however: Alexandra is off to Hawaii. She was invited to go with her bff and her dad. It’s not her first time to Hawaii because we went there together a few years ago. While I don’t mind Hong Kong, I would rather be sipping drinks with a little umbrella on a Hawaii Beach as well 🙂

hong kong

Alex on stage 

Over the last few months, Alexandra has really taken up an interest in the stage. She was already recording music videos with her friend Juliette. She now also is participating in the school’s Idols competition with her group. On Saturday afternoon Alex also goes to OCHA ( Orange County Highschool of Arts ) to participate in a class on musical arts.  Looks like there is a stage talent in the family now as well besides Roos’ visual arts prowess.


Roos officially a teenager ! 

Today was Roos’ 13th birthday ! This means she officially is now a teenager. To celebrate, Alex and myself sang for Roos and Mascha came over in the morning also to have some cake.

After the four of us had lunch in Santa Ana,  we headed to Downtown Disney where we rented out the movie theater. At least it appeared liked that because it was only us in there.

We finished with Icecream in Mission Viejo. Roos ordered the ” pig’s trough”. Before and after pictures are below …

It was a great day. Next month it’s Lexi’s turn..