From Thursday to Saturday I had the best time with my fiends Olivia and Tobias. It was amazing. I even went to a Dutch school! It was so great and I thought the school schedule was awesome. I made many new friends and I love being there. I wish I can do it again. 🌺🌸🌷🎈💕



 This weekend I’m driving back from Strasbourg.  I’ll pick up Alex for some time together before starting a project on Monday in Veghel. I have quite a bit of time and decided to drive some back roads. The scenery is beautiful and the imbiss are plenty. 


It’s been several years but this week I am back in Strassburg for work again. The weather is beautiful and this city has one of my favorite hotels : the Petit France. It is in the heart of the city with many restaurants and cafes around it. 

 I noticed that there were a lot more tourists here then I remembered but maybe that is because of the long weekend. What hasn’t changed is the food: I’ve already had the Tarte Flambee and the Choucroute. 




spending a few days in The Netherlands before going to Strassbourg for work.. 

The rest of the van den Berg family is here as well. Alex is still with Oma in Zwolle this weekend and is visiting Druten but on Monday Marco will pick her up to see her cousins again. 


Alexandra getting ready to travel to the Netherlands..

It came fast and furious … due to some last minute changes in travel plans, Alexandra had to start packing today for a trip to The Netherlands on Monday. A bit earlier than she originally planned but unexpectedly good news because this way she will be there while her cousins, Saskia, Sylvie & Benjamin, are in town as well. If all goes according to the current plans, Alexandra and Cor will be in the Netherlands from May 18th to June 9th. This should leave a lot of time to see the family and practice some Dutch.

Opa’s/Oma’s, tantes en kennissen zijn bij deze uitgenodigd de boerenkool en hopjesvla op het menu te zetten 🙂


China and Japan in a week..

Last week required quite a bit of travel to get my job done. On Monday morning, after taking Roos and Alex at school, I got picked up to fly to Tokyo and from there to Beijing. I arrived there on Tuesday evening and on Wednessday and Thursday I participated in a strategy workshop. On Friday morning at 6am I flew back through Tokyo and was home just after lunch time in LA  ( as I gained 16 hour time difference back ). I even had some time to look around in Tokyo for a few hours to eat some sushi and buy some souvenirs for the girls.

Glad to be home next week. Not planning on traveling further than the supermarket around the corner.



Sleepover weekend … 

This weekend is a sleepover weekend for the girls. Alex had a birthday party sleepover at her friend Keira in Irvine. Roos had two of her friends over, Lucy and Alisha, and one of them stayed the night. In the morning we went to pick up another of Lexi’s friends to go to musical theatre classes in Santa Ana. This was a time for Roos and me to visit the Cinqo de Mayo celebration and we had some great food while we were there. Roos loved the S’mores as you can see. 

 In the evening we were all invited over at Ron’s house. He’s the dad of Lexi’s friend. We watched a big boxing match on TV with several other people: Mayweather vs Pacquiao. 

 Tomorrow we’ll need to finish up some homework but also relax. On Monday morning I’m flying to Japan and China right after dropping the girls at school. Mom is returning from a weekend hike in The Grand Canyon in Arizona in the afternoon to pick the girls up.