King & Cat

Almost Halloween and we were invited for a party at a friend’s house. It was great fun. Tomorrow the girls will go trick and treat in our old neighborhood. 


Great hair day …

Roos’ hair has been beautifully recovered from the buzzer treatment in solidarity with her friend last year. This week however was time to do something special with blonde highlights. Tessa is Roos’ favorite hairdresser and she did a great job. I think her hair goes particularly well with her new glasses. The photo was taken at the Vista Verde school where we were watching Lexi’s stage performance. Lexi sang and acted on stage as part of a middle-school performance.

Another tooth out for Lexi 

We’re not doing the tooth fairy anymore but Lexi lost another tooth today. We’re counting down fast as they’re not many left to change. Roos just heard this week that she’s up for her second round of braces soon, this time for her permanent teeth. 


Beautiful Sunrise

I am in Florida with one of my best friends Juliette. We just got off our flight about 1 hour ago and on our 2nd flight we saw the most beautiful sunrise on the plane. Luckily for my handy dandy phone I took a picture and it turned out amazing. I can’t wait to go to Harry Potter world and much much more ♡♡♡