SoCal stormy weekend

This weekend there has been quite a bit of rain and wind. Several trees were knocked over in town but nothing too serious. Last night at Barnes&Noble we had gotten a few new books so it was a cozy day. 

  This afternoon Roos met with a friend who is an interior designer. Like Alex last year, Roos wants to do a make-over of her room. This afternoon that required her to be knee deep in color swatches and fabric samples for curtains and paint. 

 In the evening we decided to go see “Daddy’s Home” in the movie theater and finished up the day with an ice cream. 


East coast snow 

Christmas in London with Marco and family was wonderful but there was no winter weather. Temperatures were like fall and instead of snow there was rain. I’m not traveling anymore as I’m no longer with Mars. This week would have most likely been a New Jersey week for me. I wouldn’t have mind to see some New York East snow. Just a few days though …