Today I paid a visit to the Keukenhof in Lisse. I couldn’t remember if I had been here when a kid. My dad said we did but his memory is as bad as mine :). It’s only open about 2 months of the year and despite the cold weather and the rain it was very busy today. I also paid a visit to the Mauritshuis in Den Haag as part of this day trip. 

‘S Heerenberg

I always thought that ‘s Heerenberg was a reference to God, as in the God’s mountain. Turns out that was wrong. It actually references the Heren van den Berg. The town is home to a castle from the 12th which was owned by the van den Berg family. The castle currently had a museum but also two hotel rooms to stay in. I rented one for the night and it was in one of the towers. The logo on the front reads : HB for Huize Berg. 


April doet wat ie wil.. 

This week I’ll be in The Netherlands visiting my dad. Mienie has to go to the hospital and I can help my dad out a little while taking a small break. Flying into Frankfurt the weather is typical April alternating between spring and winter. 

‘S Avonds zijn we uit eten gegaan in Oene. De asperges zijn overal weer verkrijgbaar en erg lekker. 

Happy Birthday Alexandra !

12 years old today ! No more kids menus in restaurant. ( although Lexi quickly reminder me that in some restaurants it is “12 and under” versus “under 12”. 


New room is ready 

It was a long wait for Roos, although definitely shorter than Lexi, but this week her new room was ready. Over the last few weeks the various items had been coming in and the garage was full of boxes. On Monday the electrician came to move around the lights and switches. Especially important was the new wall plug for Roos’ center piece : the fluorescent light. It reads ” anything but ordinary “. Dad had still suggested “extraordinary” because that’s less letters and these things price out per letter. However Roos stood by her choice. She especially got additional storage and display space for her art including a cork board wall. We also framed a lot of her drawings and important were also the new curtains. Roos room has the sun rise in the morning and her previous curtain let in a lot of light. On school days that’s not bad but in the weekend it’s tough. 

Roos’ room was sealed up this week so she couldn’t peek at the work in progress.   
The final result.