One final BBQ for the year

Time for a final hurray for the year with the BBQ. With some advice from Marco,  I tried my hand at cap steak or Coulotte as it is called as well. The weather wasn’t cooperating however as it was raining. That can however only be a small complaint given that quite a bit of rain has fallen over the last few weeks and it has reduced the drought level in Orange County by one step. That’s the first time since 2014. 


 Tonight Roos was also invited to a new year’s party with her friend Cameron and his family. Lexi and I will have time to catch up together and watch the Ball Drop in NYC on tv. 

Trip to Oregon 

Lexie, Mom, Gary and I all went to Oregon for Christmas this year. It was a lot of fun, we went indoor skydiving, to the stores, we also saw Crater Lake today. I had a lot of fun in Oregon but I’m happy to go home too. Maybe I can go back to Oregon in 2 years for Christmas again. Oh and we went to Powells book store which was awesome. 

Lexie’s crafty

Alex has been into crafts this past year. It’s an expensive hobby as she is starting various very different hobbies. From scrapbooking to cooking.  This weekend she needed a gallon (4 liters !) of glue, borax and other hard to find ingredients to make “slime”. This was too much for me and she had to move her “slime kitchen” to the garage. At least I can handle a gallon of glue there. Her best friend Manona came over to assist. 

And here is the result of the science experiment.