Remodel aftermath

Last summer I remodeled my bathroom. It was a quite the disaster. What was supposed to last only 3 weeks, turned into a 3 month ordeal. The first contractor gave up about 7 weeks in. There were problems ranging from small to large. Drain hoses that weren’t properly capped, damaged walls and inches of dust blowing through the house are just a few examples. After more than 3 months, when it was finally done, the result was OK but not great in terms of quality. A few weeks after being able to use the bathroom however, the floor started showing signs of trouble. This had to be fixed but I didn’t want to do it over the holiday season. Last week a new contractor came in and the entire shower had to be removed. Turns out that it wasn’t properly designed causing water issues. This is almost a new remodel again… I hope this is over soon !

More waterpolo in the rain

Lexi has another waterpolo tournament in the rain. Last night saw a big storm in Southern California but the game went on in the outdoor pool. This morning another game is underway¬†and tonight at 7pm there will be another. It’s not been an easy tournament for Lexi’s team with some strong competition but she’s doing a really good job.