Waterpolo tournament in Brea 

Lexie was doing really well this Saturday during the waterpolo tournament in Brea. She played 3 games of which one was against a team of mostly boys that were definitely 1 or 3 years older. Lexie did really well though and while they lost the game 2-17, she was definitely her team’s star player. 

Roos’ Birthday Party

It was a busy weekend. On Saturday night we had tickets for the Night of Destruction in Irwindale.  It was our 4th race at the Irwindale track. The destruction derby was a lot fun and so was the airplane engine truck.  Traffic in LA was bad though This weekend and we only got home after 11pm. On Sunday, Roos met up with her friends and had a good time. It was a bit of a belated birthday party. 

 Alex l

Roos’ 15th birthday

Today Roos-Marion turned 15 years old. She was very adamant about the cake she was going to get and it is with mixed emotions that I realized the last Dutch had gone out of her. I tried to convince her to get a “real” cake from the bakery but she wanted an Oreo cookie cake from the frozen section in the supermarket. I have to say that it tasted pretty good though !

Tonight all of us also had dinner together at a Chinese restaurant. Gary’s dad and uncle where there as well and Alex and mom brought the presents. Roos got a tablet that allows her to draw on her computer.