Memorial Day weekend

It’s a long weekend and we’re making the best of it. This morning I had an early video call from Marco as he is visiting my dad. It’s nice to have him and his family there.

The girls are heading into their last week of school for the year. Alex has already finished all her tests last week and Roos has just Art and English left.

We had a relaxing day at home, mostly playing video games and just hanging out. In the evening we had a good meal and went for a walk on the beach.

Anaheim Packing House

Alex wanted to visit the Anaheim Packaging House today. It is an old converted warehouse that now has all kinds of food stands. The goal was to get, with her friend Manona, a monster boba drink. It was fairly busy so the girls had to stand in line. 

Of course the food experience wouldn’t be limited to just the tea. There was a “dragon breath” desert as well that was too good to pass up.