Roos at camp

Roos didn't feel well at all at her summer camp. It got so bad that she had to take the boat back to Long Beach, where mom picked her up earlier in the week. Something must have been going round because Lexi also had a fever. Roos was better after about 36 hours and she got on a helicopter back to Catalina Island. At least she got to make a cool entrance ..

In the meantime Marco has taken a road trip to the Grand Canyon. He drove to flagstaff on Thursday and will be back later today. Lexie is eagerly awaiting the cousins. She doesn't like that they're taking a vacation on their vacation with us ­čÖé

Evening out

On Monday Alexandra was our babysitter so Uncle Marco and Tante Annette could go out for a drink at Opah in Aliso Viejo.

Summer camp

Roos' time with the cousins will be short. This afternoon she is leaving for a 3 week camp on Catalina Island. The boat is leaving from the Long Beach harbor, next to the Queen Mary. There were virtually no lines for the registration so we had some time to get a nice lunch at the Queen Mary ( where I had to get a Bloody Mary, of course ).

Just before boarding the boat, Roos ran into her friend Sadie. She'll be in the same group again as Roos.

Van den Berg’s from England

Last night Marco and family arrived ! It was quite late (almost midnight ) which meant that the English cousins were wide awake given the time difference. Roos on the other hand was struggling to stay awake as the pictures show .. 

Waterpolo Saturday

It’s truly a waterpolo Saturday, keeping us of the street from 7am to 7pm. Lexi is up first and has her first game in a tournanment at San Clemente High School at 9am. In the afternoon Roos is up at Aliso Viejo High School with several games starting at 4pm. Pretty sure that both of them will sleep well tonight !

 Afternoon update : Roos’ team is having a tough time with their opponent. We are half way through the game and it is 10-0. 


Veessen, Wezep, enz.

De afgelopen dagen was het fijn fietsweer. Gisteren een tripje langs de IJsel met een stop bij caf├â┬ę IJselhoeve. 

Vandaag de Flipsberg over naar Wezep voor een visje bij Vishandel Koelewijn. 

Morgen is zitten de twee weken in Nederland er alweer op en is het tijd om terug te gaan. Vanaf Frankfurt eerst naar SFO en dan een laatste korte vlucht naar LA. Ik kom ‘s nachts om 1 uur aan dus zal geen file problemen hebben om thuis te komen. 

Den Haag – part 2├é┬á

Yesterday I travelled to The Hague and stayed the night. This time I decided to forego a trip by train as there were extensive delays around Utrecht, Leiden and Den Haag in the last two days. It was an opportunity to stay at an iconic hotel I was always curious about : Hotel Des Indes. It also had a great restaurant and I had plenty of time to try a 4 course surprise menu. 

Before picking up my passport the next morning, I first went to visit the National Archives. It turns out Eva, who worked in my team when I was still at Mars, is now working at the Archives. She was going to take me on a special tour about the VOC. There were many documents and artifacts from that time, which was very interesting. More importantly she also explained how to really start genealogical research through the National Archives. I’ve had a few attempts as more and more documents are online but it gets difficult very quickly. After picking up my new passport, I had time to visit an outdoor market with antiques and books. From there I traveled back to Wapenveld and had my first Berenklauw on this trip for dinner. 



Gisteren was een rustige dag. We hebben wat gefietst en zijn even bij ome Jan en tante Riekie op bezoek geweest. ‘S avonds hebben we Kruudmoes gegeten. Dat was lang geleden en erg lekker. 

Den Haag

Gisteren zijn we naar Den Haag gegaan. Ik moest een paspoort vernieuwen en dat gaat op afspraak. Mijn afspraak was om 9 uur op maandag maar dat betekent wel een vroege trip vanuit Wapenveld. We zijn om 6.45 met de trein uit Zwolle vertrokken en waren om 8.30 in Den Haag. De afspraak in Den Haag was snel en effici├â┬źnt en we stonden om 9.30 alweer buiten. We zijn eerst bij het Binnenhof wezen kijken en zijn voorbij het Mauritshuis gelopen naar het Plein. Daar hebben we iets gegeten bij Caf├â┬ę Luden want het ontbijt in Wapenveld was al voor 6 uur ‘s ochtends. We zijn toen via het Voorhout en het Malieveld weer terug gewandeld naar het Centraal Station. Het laatste stukje was met de bus uit Zwolle en we waren om 3 uur weer terug in Wapenveld.

Update: en het is maar goed dat mijn afspraak gisteren was en niet vandaag: