Canyon Hike

The last few weeks have been very busy. At work there are a number of large projects that are happening in parallel and all need to wrap up for a middle of May Board meeting. The largest being the financial analysis on the opening of a new cancer treatment and clinical research facility in Irvine. Today though I finally had some time to go for a hike in the Canyon which still looks gorgeous because of the wet winter. I also booked my tickets to visit Jansie: leaving the day after the Board meeting. Marco and family will also be in Holland that same time… looking forward to see my little cousins.

Lexie turns 15…

In the morning Rusty dropped by with a bag of donuts from Dunkin to congratulate Alexandra on her 15th birthday. We sang Happy Birthday and in the early afternoon we made our way to Benihana, a Japanese style restaurant to have a birthday brunch. Alex brought one of her friends along as well.

Once back home it was time to unpack gifts and eat some cake. Alex, like Roos-Marijn this year, had also opted to go for the Donut Cake and mom delivered. Sadly the “5” candle was missing so Alex only had a “1” or her cake. Alex got bath bombs and bath salts from her friends and gift cards for Amazon and Starbucks.