Today I am at Hawaii. It is really fun here because I got to neckless for free and I got a real flower neckless from my dad. It has purple flowers on it and it has little butterfly beads to separate the flowers so they won’t break. They have a white string to hold everything together. Right now I have the real flower neckless in my room. Right now I am in the lobby. I just did to postcard to my mom and my sister Roos and I did one for my teacher Miss Cohen. I got to color the postcard and make them stand out Miss Cohen and to mom and Roos. Maybe tonight I get to go horse back riding and I said maybe because we talked with someone and they said it was full but maybe someone will change there mind about horse back riding. I am having a great time at Hawaii

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  1. Have a great time there. Lots of fun. Take a lot of pictures so that we can see what you’ve done there.
    Kisses from aunt Elly

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