Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

I remember the Rijksmuseum from when I went there first on a school excursion. It was my first time seeing some of the famous art in real life. They were so different and so much more vibrant than what I had seen in books. Especially the Nachtwacht was very impressive. Our time in The Netherlands would have not been complete without taking Aled there as well. Opa Wapenveld and Mienie joined us as well. 

 We took the train from Zwolle and arrived in Amsterdam around noon. We had to take the tram to the Leidseplein and had lunch first before walking over to the museum. The Rijksmuseum has a gallery with several of the most famous paintings, so we started there. It has the “Melkmeisje” by Vermeer which is one of my personal favorites. 


 Alex really liked a painting of flowers by Hans Bollongier from the 17th Century. It shows some of the beautiful and rare tulips that were responsible for the “tulip mania” in the Netherlands around 1637.   


 In the afternoon we took the train back home and had dinner together in Hattem. Tomorrow Alex and I will start our trip towards Frankfurt as our more than 3 week stay in the Netherlands is slowly coming to an end. 

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