Labor Day Retro Day

This weekend is lazy Labor Day. Yesterday both Roos and Alex were out and about. Alex was coming back from a sleepover with her friend Kiana and Micah in Irvine and Roos had a birthday party of a water polo team mate. At 9pm Amazon delivered a critical piece of equipment, a new sensor bar, for today’s main event: retro gaming with the Wii. Roos had been trying to get the old Wii working again and now it was ready to go including all the old save-games. We chose the garage to hook it up to an old tv.

We did BBQ on Friday and so it was fitting to have Labor Day sushi in Dana Point. Roos did go the the Big Crunchy.

Where Roos put her focus on the entree, Lexie put the emphasis on her Mochi dessert.

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