Labor Day weekend

The long Labor Day weekend is almost over. We did a lot of different things. Roos and dad started out with a French brunch in Dana Point on Saturday morning. We then browsed through the Barnes & Noble after we had found the book that we had come for : the Sorceress . This is part 3 in a series about Nicholas Flamel that Roos is currently reading. We made dinner at home and Roos created a tried and trusted dessert from a cookbook.

On Sunday morning we went for a hike in the Canyon behind my house. This time we took a trail that allows dogs, so Rusty could join us as well. We were early and walked along the ridge of the Canyon and the marine layer was still there. After the hike we had breakfast nearby.

Alex was busy too. She went surfing in Huntington Beach in the afternoon. We also did some Labor Day shopping and got her a new electric bike. This way she can go to school and town center by herself as well.

On Monday Roos and I watched a TV series together in the afternoon and played a new board game together : Pandemic. It is a cooperative game with quite a few rules so it took us a little bit to figure out the rules. We won the first game.

Tomorrow is back to work and back to school. For me it is two more weeks of preparing for a Board Meeting on the 2020 Budget but I’m heading to The Netherlands right after.

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