kujira sushi

We zijn heel erg blij met de restaurants hier in de omgeving van Los Angeles. Bijna alles is te krijgen en er is veel eten van hoge kwaliteit maar soms gaat het te ver…. Een restaurant in L.A. heeft een boete gekregen voor het serveren van walvis sushi. In Japan heel gewoon maar in Amerika verboden (en in Nederland waarschijnlijk ook)….

The Cove orchestrated a sting operation in one of California‘s most highly regarded sushi destinations — a restaurant called the Hump —

The so-called “sushi sting,” which involved many of the same James Bond-like undercover methods began last October when the documentary’s producer, Charles Hambleton, heard from friends that the Hump was serving illegal whale meat — a shocking allegation, even in sushi-loving Tinseltown where unusual fish imported from Japan can be commonplace menu items.
On Feb. 28, two animal activist associates wearing cameras and microphones sat down at the Hump and ordered a session of omakase, a sushi meal for which the chef picks all the dishes. Sure enough, the video clearly shows them being served thick, pink slices of meat — which the chef unambiguously describes as “whale.”

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