Brea tournament

It was another day in Brea and a waterpolo tournament for Alex. Roos and I acted like a real American family in between games. It was quite hot and Roos was wearing a sweater. So we decided to buy a t-shirt and ended up at Walmart. Roos briefly considered going all out with this t-shirt

She found a better option that was mildly offensive. Roos decided to change in the car in the wal mart parking lot and we went to McDonalds across the street for McNuggets for brunch.


We hadden het een beetje koud maar het was ook wel even lekker. Vandaag zijn we op de fiets naar Heerde gegaan om nog even bij ome Jan langs te gaan. Hij was echter niet thuis en dus zijn we maar even bij de Posthoorn op het dorp een kopje koffie gaan drinken. Het begon echter al snel wat donker aan de lucht te worden en we waren gelukkig met de eerste druppels thuis.


It has been a decade or more the last time I was in the city of Nordhorn, just across the border with Hardenberg at about 1h15 from Wapenveld. Growing up, we used to go as a family, perhaps as often as once every 6 weeks to go grocery shopping in Germany. In those days, a passport was still needed to get across the border and there were limits on the amounts that could be purchased.

Those days are long gone and the city has changed quite a bit. The iconic store we would always visit, the Kaufhalle, is closed and just an empty shell remains. Nordhorn has a beautiful park and we went for a walk here after a German lunch ( Currywurstpfannchen mit Pommes ).

Utrecht met Etienne

Last night I had dinner with my old friend from the KMA. We spend the entire 4.5 years there together, first as a group of 8 sharing a room in the old Castle and later as roommates in the PFP building before, in our final year, getting a room to ourselves in the PBP. I met him at his house and we spent a few hours in Utrecht catching up over nice meal. He currently lives in Maarssen, near Utrecht, and is just about to start building his dream house there with his wife and two sons (6 and 8).

This is us… back in 1991 in Kamp de Kiek

Nederlandse maaltijden

Deze week de gelegenheid gehad om weer eens echt Nederlands te eten : snert, griesmeelpudding, uitsmijter, haring, kibbeling, roomsoezen en natuurlijk bitterballen. Volgende week vast nog meer. Vandaag zijn mijn vader en ik ook nog naar een rommelmarkt geweest in Balkbrug. We hebben daar voor 8 euro een vogelhuisje kunnen kopen en daar heeft opa veel plezier van deze winter.

Fall in Holland

De eerste 48 uur in Nederland zit er alweer. Vandaag begonnen met het verkopen van opa’s auto. Gisteren zijn we wat boodschappen wezen doen en zijn uit eten gegaan bij “Grand Cafe Cornelis” in Epe.

Vandaag werd ik eindelijk ook beloond voor mijn jaar-lange studie Strategic Decision and Risk Management op Stanford University / SDG. Heeft me de nodig weekendjes gekocht maar het was wel de moeite waard.



Trip to Holland

A very busy couple of months just ended and from the looks of it, it will be continue for at least a few more months. Back in Holland, Opa van den Berg is going into the winter months too and it is a great time to do a quick trip back. Later today I’ll be flying to Frankfurt and from there travel to Wapenveld. This time around I don’t have any administrative things to take care of in Holland (such as passports and the like) but I am planning a visit to the National Archives in The Hague. A friend from long ago works there and it is a great opportunity to do some family research in their genealogy department. I also hope to make a trip to Belgium and visit the WW2 Battlefields around Ieper. The last time I did that was during my time at the Military Academy and I always wanted to have another look but just never had the time. I’m sure there will a lot biking with Opa as well…