Nederlandse maaltijden

Deze week de gelegenheid gehad om weer eens echt Nederlands te eten : snert, griesmeelpudding, uitsmijter, haring, kibbeling, roomsoezen en natuurlijk bitterballen. Volgende week vast nog meer. Vandaag zijn mijn vader en ik ook nog naar een rommelmarkt geweest in Balkbrug. We hebben daar voor 8 euro een vogelhuisje kunnen kopen en daar heeft opa veel plezier van deze winter.

Fall in Holland

De eerste 48 uur in Nederland zit er alweer. Vandaag begonnen met het verkopen van opa’s auto. Gisteren zijn we wat boodschappen wezen doen en zijn uit eten gegaan bij “Grand Cafe Cornelis” in Epe.

Vandaag werd ik eindelijk ook beloond voor mijn jaar-lange studie Strategic Decision and Risk Management op Stanford University / SDG. Heeft me de nodig weekendjes gekocht maar het was wel de moeite waard.



Trip to Holland

A very busy couple of months just ended and from the looks of it, it will be continue for at least a few more months. Back in Holland, Opa van den Berg is going into the winter months too and it is a great time to do a quick trip back. Later today I’ll be flying to Frankfurt and from there travel to Wapenveld. This time around I don’t have any administrative things to take care of in Holland (such as passports and the like) but I am planning a visit to the National Archives in The Hague. A friend from long ago works there and it is a great opportunity to do some family research in their genealogy department. I also hope to make a trip to Belgium and visit the WW2 Battlefields around Ieper. The last time I did that was during my time at the Military Academy and I always wanted to have another look but just never had the time. I’m sure there will a lot biking with Opa as well…

Paper planes

It was a quiet weekend. Roos had volunteered to work in the water polo “snack shack” on both Saturday and Sunday. Lexie and I had time to go out to get her a new laptop on Saturday afternoon. She got one in her favorite color : Rose Gold. Roos already left the house early today and I spend a lot of time catching up on my course. It’s mostly online but with tests for each module so it does require paying real attention to the videos and materials.

Alex was a bit bored and decided to try her hand at paper planes. We didn’t really crack it with the design: they only flew a few feet.

Labor Day Retro Day

This weekend is lazy Labor Day. Yesterday both Roos and Alex were out and about. Alex was coming back from a sleepover with her friend Kiana and Micah in Irvine and Roos had a birthday party of a water polo team mate. At 9pm Amazon delivered a critical piece of equipment, a new sensor bar, for today’s main event: retro gaming with the Wii. Roos had been trying to get the old Wii working again and now it was ready to go including all the old save-games. We chose the garage to hook it up to an old tv.

We did BBQ on Friday and so it was fitting to have Labor Day sushi in Dana Point. Roos did go the the Big Crunchy.

Where Roos put her focus on the entree, Lexie put the emphasis on her Mochi dessert.

First day of school

The summer is officially over. Labor Day is close by and the girls are both back in school. We’ve got fresh backpacks, sharp pencils, new books and are ready for another year. Lexi was already back in school for a few weeks as she is back to a year-round school, Vista Verde, for her 8th and final grade. Roos is in second year of high school and started this week after a long, long summer break.

Traveling back

The vacation is over already. Time has flown by. The cousins have done a lot in this short time: they had swimming lessons, they did a road trip to the Grand Canyon, took a train ride, were on a Russian submarine, BBQ'd, had brunch on the beach on my birthday, visited Disneyland,… Sadly also this year's vacation has come to and end. On Monday evening I dropped them off at the airport for a long trip back. Thanks very much for coming this year Marco, Annette, Saskia, Sylvie and Benjamin. It was awesome.

San Diego Sunday

Marco and family are already getting to the tail end of their vacation. We decided to go to San Diego on our last full day together. Hamburgers have been a topic of discussion this vacation and Habit Burger was still untested, so we stopped in Encinitas to try them. In San Diego we visited the Maritime Museum including the B-39 submarine and the India Star sailing boat. Alex got a henna tattoo and we walked through the lamp lighter district. On the way back the kids fell asleep in the car. This wasn't bad as Monday will be a day of packing and a long trip home.