While I had a suspicion that we would be staying at the same hotel as 7 years ago, I wasn’t entirely sure when I booked our trip. Turns out that we are and we took a picture at the same spot in the hotel today.

A lot can change and Lexie definitely did. The background decoration shows she grew a full “diamond” in size.

This afternoon we talk a walk on the beach and booked a few activities for the coming days. After relaxing a little bit in the lounge, we drove to our evening dinner restaurant, Morimoto. This is a Japanese restaurant where we had dinner in 2017. The restaurant also remembered as they mentioned Lexie had listed back then that she was allergic to strawberries.

On the way back we decided to stop at Honolua Bay Lookout. It is a place where you can see a lot of stars. However the sky was a bit cloudy and while we did see stars, it wasn’t as clear as we had hoped. We however did see the pony clearly that the rental car projected.


We had a lazy day. We walked along the beach to get breakfast this morning. Did some shopping in the early afternoon and wrote some postcards. We had an omakase dinner at Morimoto, a Japanese restaurant nearby. The restaurant has the A5 Kobe beef as part of that menu and only a limited amount is available outside Japan. The dinner and the view from our table was excellent. Tomorrow will be a more active day but for now it’s was wonderfully lazy.

Zip lining Ka’anapali

We had a great time zip lining through the canyons and valleys of Ka’anapali. We did a total of 8 separate zip lines including one where we could go side-by-side. The views were amazing across the Pacific and the ocean breeze made it even better. The ride up the mountain was as adventurous as taking the zip line down. After we finished up we took a car to nearby Lahaina for an excellent shave ice while we watched the sun set.

We got back to the hotel to take a shower and to dress up a little for our Christmas Eve dinner. We talked about what we want, respectively wanted, to do when we grow up.


Yesterday, despite using factor 70 sunscreen liberally, I still ended up with some sunburn. Today therefore we decided to go out to a nearby town rather than catch more waves and sun rays at the beach / pool. We took a car to Lahaina which has a very nice art district. Today there was outdoor art as well underneath the huge 150 year old Banyan tree; the largest one in the US.

We learned that Maui is the 3rd largest art market in the US; we even saw an art store that sold Rembrandt etches. We bought a few trinkets and gifts and had a nice lunch and a drink with an umbrella… one of the relaxing things about Hawaii.

Bumpy ride

Alexandra and I arrived in Hawaii today. We’re back in Maui, the place where we went to several years ago. The flight over was very bumpy due to some storm system but we landed safely after about a 6 hour flight. Tomorrow we’ll explore the hotel and especially the pools; there are supposed to be 10 in the hotel.

Waterpolo tournament in Brea 

Lexie was doing really well this Saturday during the waterpolo tournament in Brea. She played 3 games of which one was against a team of mostly boys that were definitely 1 or 3 years older. Lexie did really well though and while they lost the game 2-17, she was definitely her team’s star player. 

Cooling down

The weather in OC is quite warm this weekend. While it’s only 27 degrees, it is quite humid due to a few rain showers last week. To cool off we went ice skating today. For dad this was the first time on ice hockey skates. Nobody fell and it was all good.