Sweet 16

Roos turned 16 today. Yesterday I looked through some of the older pictures and found one from when she turned 1. That was back in Druten long before we moved to the US.

We celebrated by going for dinner in an Italian restaurant. Alex, Gary and mom where there as well. Roos got a card from the Netherlands but also a video game and a sowing machine.

Tomorrow I’m flying out to The Netherlands. Opa Jansie is turning 80 in about a 10 days and we need to celebrate that as well.

Roos’ 15th birthday

Today Roos-Marion turned 15 years old. She was very adamant about the cake she was going to get and it is with mixed emotions that I realized the last Dutch had gone out of her. I tried to convince her to get a “real” cake from the bakery but she wanted an Oreo cookie cake from the frozen section in the supermarket. I have to say that it tasted pretty good though !

Tonight all of us also had dinner together at a Chinese restaurant. Gary’s dad and uncle where there as well and Alex and mom brought the presents. Roos got a tablet that allows her to draw on her computer.


Yesterday Roos, Marco and myself went to London. We went by train from Woking station to Waterloo and then took the Tube to Leicester square. The weather was very English; a few serious rain showers and a grey sky. The city however was brightly decorated with Christmas lights so it was quite nice. We arrived quite late in the day and first got some hot chocolate before going to Hamleys. Hamleys, on Regent Street, is the oldest toy store in the world. It opened in 1760. This being a few days before Christmas, the store was incredibly busy. Similar to Harrods the store has people demonstrating the various toys:  boomerangs, paper airplanes and other things were flying around in the store. At the end of the day the choice was overwhelming and we didn’t buy anything. It was fun to visit though. We walked through London and strolled by Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the London Eye.


Great hair day …

Roos’ hair has been beautifully recovered from the buzzer treatment in solidarity with her friend last year. This week however was time to do something special with blonde highlights. Tessa is Roos’ favorite hairdresser and she did a great job. I think her hair goes particularly well with her new glasses. The photo was taken at the Vista Verde school where we were watching Lexi’s stage performance. Lexi sang and acted on stage as part of a middle-school performance.

π day

Roos is honoring pi day (3.14.15) by practicing math with me.  She was just at the topic of compound shapes where π and circumference calculations are very important.


Roos officially a teenager ! 

Today was Roos’ 13th birthday ! This means she officially is now a teenager. To celebrate, Alex and myself sang for Roos and Mascha came over in the morning also to have some cake.

After the four of us had lunch in Santa Ana,  we headed to Downtown Disney where we rented out the movie theater. At least it appeared liked that because it was only us in there.

We finished with Icecream in Mission Viejo. Roos ordered the ” pig’s trough”. Before and after pictures are below …

It was a great day. Next month it’s Lexi’s turn..

Roos at 6th grade dance

Tonight Roos went to the sixth grade dance. A few more years until her big graduation. Mom and dad collaborated on making it a success. The first dress was picked with dad. That dress was returned with mom and a better one was found together with shoes.
Roos looks beautiful ..


S’mores in May

S’mores are typically a snack that the girls have only enjoyed during the Christmas visits in Utah. Especially Roos had already been asking for a while to try them in the fireplace so today it was time. It tasted very good with Honey Graham Crackers and Hershey Chocolate.