Sweet Sixteen

Alexandra is turning 16 today. It is the first and hopefully the last birthday in the current quarantine. Roos narrowly avoided it last month.

In order to comply with distancing rules but to still see her friends, we organized a tail gating party. Of course there was also a cake.

Happy new year and a visit from Marco

The new year, and new decade is already more than a week old. Happy new year !

Marco came to visit early this year already. He works for Abbvie since about a year and is traveling more frequently to the US. In november I saw him in San Francisco but this time he was even closer. He had a meeting in West Lake Village this week but decided to arrive early so he could visit. It was still as flash visit as he was at my house with Annette for only 1 day. We went out to dinner and had a good time. We finalized the plan is to travel to The Netherlands in May to move Jansie’s urn onto the same cemetery as our mothers. As Marco and Annette rushed to Westlake Village on Sunday afternoon (for a dry run of his presentation on Monday ), I made my way to San Francisco to attend JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2020.

More above the clouds

We were above the clouds again today but even a bit higher this time. We took a helicopter tour around Maui and also Moloka’i. This is an island that has very steep cliffs and drops with waterfalls of hundreds of meters. The steep drops are the result of a volcanic explosion almost a million years ago that split the island. Of the coast of the island were very large reefs and we were able to see whales, turtles and manta rays from the helicopter. Lexie was sitting in the front and was told not the touch the controls…

Deutsches Panzermuseum

This museum was on my list to visit but it is a bit out of the way in Germany. However since this weekend there isn’t anything to do anymore, I decided to drive up there. They have a German version of the tank I used to work with ( the Cheetah ) and also have lots of WW2 tanks including the famous Tiger tanks.

It was very cold, the museum was unheard, which is very appropriate to how I remember working with tanks.

Opa Jansie

This week Marco and I have been taking care of opa Jansies affairs. We’ve had to empty his apartment and take care of all the formalities. We found a lot of old pictures of ourselves but also of much older family members. We’ve been visiting some family as well this week as they all heard that opa Jansie is no longer with us.

Back in Holland

Over the weekend I flew to The Netherlands. Jansie is not doing very well and I decided to come visit him. I arrived around lunch time and talked to him for a little while. I then went to check into the hotel and took a shower. Jansie also fell asleep in a comfortable chair in the “living room” in Rehobot. Just after dinner I went back and we talked for a little bit with other elderly people in the home.