Thanksgiving 2012

Today was Thanksgiving: the traditional start of the holiday season with turkey, apple pie, mashed potatoes, apple cider and all the other typical sides. Mascha had organized all the ingredients yesterday and ordered a turkey that we picked up this morning. While the turkey was in the oven (it takes a few hours) we had a “family movie night”. We saw the movie ‘Hook’ and we all liked it. Like previous years, there is a tremendous amount of turkey left as it weighed almost 5kg. This means tomorrow there will be turkey sandwiches and probably some turkey soup as well.


Tomorrow is Black Friday where the crazy shopping season starts at about 4am. I don’t think we will be there and will be in our beds until at least 9am.

The winning goal

Today was the last game of the regular soccer season for Alexandra’s team. It had been a very close season and the teams making it into the play-offs remained very close. The last few soccer games were real nail biters and tonight Lexi’s team had to play for 3rd and 4th place in the U9 Ayso League. Alex scored in overtime and made the only goal of the game: 0-1. The Galactic Pickles (as Lexi’s team is called) with Coach Mascha secured 3rd Place in the League. Alex was still a bit disappointed that she didn’t get to first place but she did score the winning goal on behalf of her team.

ps. due to Daylight Savings Time the game was played in dusk and we don’t have a picture of the winning goal.




This year we again celebrated Halloween but there was an early start. The community where we lived had organized a daylight get together for all the kids and have some food together. Dad this year hadn’t really planned for an outfit but it turned out that the old uniform still fitted. A lot of people liked it. Alex was dressed up as a vampire and Roos was a cheetah. There were many little superheroes and princesses as well. At night we went together door to door to collect candy. Roos collected a massive amount and Lexi also could hardly carry her bag at the end if the night. The dentists here pay money for the candy so the girls will probably make a quick buck on their next trip to the orthodontist and it won’t be hard to convince then to go.