Costa Mesa tournament – day 2

Day 2 of the Costa Mesa classic soccer tournament. Alex is ready for it: big breakfast with bacon and proper warm up with the team 30 minutes before the game.


Update 1: end of the second quarter and Alex’ team is ahead -1-0.

Update 2: Alex’ team hit the pole.

Update 3 : Lauren scored the second goal for the team -2-0.

Update 4: Goal !! -3-0 for Lexi’s team and that is also the final score.

Costa Mesa soccer tournament

Alex is participating in the Costa Mesa soccer tournament. Here is an action picture of Alex taking a shot. We will update as the tournament progresses.


update 1: Lex is out in the 2nd quarter of the game and her team is down one point – 0-1

Update 2: Lexi’s team hit the pole at the end of the 2nd quarter

Update 3: Other team scored in 3rd quarter – 0-2

Update 4: after lunch at a Mexican restaurant we starting the afternoon game. Lexi’s team is immediately under pressure with two shots at the goal by the other side within a few minutes.

Update 5: for the first time today Lexi’s Eagles are ahead -1-0 in the 3rd quarter.

Update 6: it ended in a win for the Eagles. We continue on tomorrow in the tournament !

And who is getting on a plane tomorrow morning at 05.30am to go to Mississippi ?

Tornado treft Amerikaanse staat Mississippi

AMSTERDAM – Een tornado heeft zondag de Amerikaanse staat Mississippi getroffen. Naast de schade die de storm heeft veroorzaakt, zouden er ook gewonden zijn gevallen.
Dat meldt persbureau AP. In het plaatsje Hattiesburg zou de meeste schade zijn aangericht. Daar raasde de storm over een druk verkeerspunt. Ook op de campus van de University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg richtte de storm schade aan.Meteoroloog Joanne Culin van de nationale weerdienst bericht dat er tevens meldingen binnen zijn gekomen van gewonden in Marion County als gevolg van de voorbij razende storm.


RIP Burton

Today when we came home we found Burton our pet rat dead. RIP Burton hope you are playing with your brother Coco. Snowball is not doing great either and i think he will not make it another week 🙁 Always sad to loose a pet. Small or big. Burton was 2 years and 1 month old. Coco was 18 months.
On the bright side it was a good soccer day for Alexandra, she scored 3 goals and team Eagles won the game with 4-0.


Both Mascha and I moved to our new place last week. The movers were not the movers we had used previously when we relocated for my work. They had underestimated the amount of work and it took much longer than planned. They got really desperate at the end and started to rush. Today I found my Playstation in the same box with wood for the fireplace. Somehow also I ended up with the remote and power cord for the TV that is at Mascha’s house. Both of us are already swapping items back and forth. So far 3 repacked boxes have already made it back to Mascha’s place.
The work at my house also continues. My house only closed escrow the day before the move so I had no time to paint, plan or prepare. Slowly things come together however.
Tomorrow Alex and I will make the first trip from my house to school. She loves bacon so tomorrow we’ll first have eggs and bacon.