RIP little Snowball

Friday March 22nd was a sad day. We had to put our little furry buddy Snowball to sleep. Snowball was almost 2 years and 3 months but the last couple of months he had some health problems. He couldn’t use his back legs anymore because he was paralyzed and that gave some additional problems too. The last two days before he went to sleep he was peeing and pooping on the place he was lying on so it was better to not let him suffer anymore. Hope he’s playing with Burton and Coco again.
You guys were great pets!!!

Terranea for work

Part of this week, Cor has to travel for work. Luckily it isn’t very far and the meeting is at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes. This is only about an hour from Aliso Viejo. The resort is on the beach and it has great restaurants. Here is a picture from my room: the beach literally begins right outside my door.


Roos’ 11th birthday

Roos is turning 11 years old today. Her birthday present involved horses this year. Following Alexandra’s horseback riding adventure in Hawaii, Roos also wanted to ride a real horse. So for her birthday we organized lessons at ” Bridges equestrian school ” in San Juan Capistrano, about 10 minutes away from dad’s house.



There were a lot of presents for Roos on her birthday. Mom was going to buy her an iPad mini (although dad is still trying to convince her to go with the new Microsoft Surface) and Roos also got a project desk for her bedroom.

Tonight we will be heading to the restaurant Roos picked for her birthday dinner: The Fish Company.