Happy birthday Alexandra !

Alexandra celebrated her 9th birthday today. We already started with the gifts a little bit yesterday as she picked out new curtains for her room. This morning Roos also had a (tasty) present for her sister and dad got Alex a necklace. Alex also wanted to go to a ‘fancy’ dinner. It is a good reason to wear her nicest dress and shoes. In order to fully prepare we also need to get a pedicure and manicure of course …
Together with mom and Roos we went to Happy Nails salon to get that taken care of.


Garden surprises

Some plants and flowers in the garden start to bloom for the first time since I moved to the new house. I knew there were a lot if roses but I didn’t know I had orange ones until I returned yesterday from a week-long trip to Washington, DC.


At the Circus

The girls both have new career aspirations. They both are interested in joining the circus after seeing Circus Vargas this week. The circus was in Temecula which is an very old settlement from the Wild West days. It has lots of antique stores and flea markets so it was also an appropriate place to visit as we needed some items for decoration in our home. Roos bought a birdcage for her room and Alex found a nice purse. After shopping we had dinner and went to the circus. Vargas has no animals but lots of clowns, acrobats, magicians and also a human canon ball. There were also quite a few kids in the circus troupe and that was a lot of fun. We were back home quite late and the girls slept in the next day before decorating their rooms with the new things we bought.



Ice skating in California

Close to dad’s house is an ice skating club so today we went to try it out. The girls had been once before with mom and really enjoyed it so wanted to go again. Alex even ran into some friends from her school that were also here. Below is Roos doing her best on ice hockey skates. Perhaps Oma has to send over the latest klapschaats so the girls look really cool.


Geforceerd lachen..

Alex, Roos and dad went to the dentist today. Sometimes that is nothing to laugh about but this dentist helps out with that …


Everybody went home with healthy chompers and no holes needed filling.