New science experiment

Following the experiments with the rock tumbler ( great success ) and the ant farm ( dead ants ), the girls are now trying their hand and growing crystals. I remember doing this at high school myself as part of chemistry class. Roos added a color to hers and Lexi has a transparent one. They take about 4 days to fully grow but the preparation was only an hour. It took a bit of precision in mixing and blending the seeding solution.


Sailing with the Seagals at Long Beach Yacht Club

Today was a great day for sailing.
The girls and me were sailing with the Seagals a women’s and girls only club. We were sailing on Catalina’s 37’s and it was really an awesome day. Roos and Alexis both were driving the boat and grinding the jib sheet. They showed of their sailing skills and were doing great. After having sailed for two hours there was a dock party so the girls nibbled on cheese, crackers and Oreo cookies 🙂 It was a weekend full of fun because we also had a sleepover with Jack in Los Angeles. The girls and Jack camped in the backyard and they really liked it. After breakfast they went swimming again and after that we went sailing. Before we knew it the weekend was over 🙁



Alexandra’s rock tumbler

Alexandra’s rock tumbler is still running strong on the first batch if rocks. The first step in the process with the coarse grit took about 7 days and today the second step finished after 14 days. The second step was with a finer grit to make the stones smooth. This evening we started the final step, the polishing step, which will take another 7 days. The stones start to look really nice, the picture below is after washing them today.


Shooting fun…

A late entry video from our vacation in Arizona. Roos firing a gun with a real modern cowboy ( he is a real ‘ cowboy ‘ as he works full time on a ranch taking care of about 120 horses as well as cattle )