Hogwarts and a frog

First we slept in today. Yesterday was a long day. After brunch we went to Universal studios park. This is where the Wizardring World of Harry Potter is. Roos had already been here in 2011 but Alex really wanted to go as well. We started off with a butter-beer and then went into Hogwarts castle. Both Roos and Alex claimed that they kept their eyes shut during the ride, so we might have to try that again tomorrow.


We also saw Poseidon’s adventure. At 7pm the Halloween event started and the girls didn’t like that so we went back to the hotel. The hotel has a large pool with a lazy river. Lexi was able to catch a frog in the bushes along the pool. It maybe was Trevor, the frog of Harry’s friend Neville Longbottom….


Fall break in Florida

The girls already have vacation again. It feels the summer break is hardly over and this is already the second week of their fall break. Two years ago Roos went to see Harry Potter land in Florida and had a great time. Now Alex is getting into Harry as well. I had already read her the first two books in the spring and from a friend in school she got a Harry Potter spell book. Time therefore to go to Orlando again. This is probably the last time because they have started building a Harry potter theme park in Los Angeles as well. It will open in 2015.
Yesterday the girls prepared their packing list. Roos is bringing Hercules, her alligator. He is originally from Florida as she brought him from there two years ago.


Tomorrow we have an early start leaving at 8.00am from LAX.

McMillan tourney soccer Alexis

Alexis and her team had a tournament last weekend. They got into the finals and they sadly lost it. The girls can be really proud because they got a second place and so they were rewarded with a medal. Go number 11 🙂


Roos’ first recipe

This weekend Roos offered to cook a meal. She wrote down her special recipe because what she had created was exceptionally tasty. She asked to post the recipe here so others can also make Roos’ special chili.