Halloween 2013

This weekend was the weekend of 3 Halloween parties. 2 on Saturday, one for Roos and one for Alexis. Sunday only for Alexis. Roos told around her birthday that she wanted to be Indiana Jones and switched 3 months later to Jack Sparrow. Last minute chance to a cute fox. Probably due to a popular song What does the fox say, ding ding ding ding ding etc. Alex is Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter movies. Thursday will be party number 4 with the trick or treat night! The girls are planning to collect as much as candy as they can carry. The can then get cash for candy at the dentist/orthodontist.



Last night at the pool…

Tonight is already the last night of our vacation. Earlier today we went to Universal Studio to see some of the final attractions. We saw Despicable Me ( Minion Madness ) and Shrek 4D. We had lunch in Universal Studio and went to buy wands at Olivander’s shop in Harry Potter land.

Right now we are at the pool enjoying a last night at the lazy river. It is a beautiful night and we are a bit sad to leave but our flight out is tomorrow already.



We had a relaxed day today. No entertainment park with fireworks and roller coasters. Instead we went to OMA: Orlando Museum of Art. Not a lot of tourists go there apparently because the taxi driver had to look the address up. The OMA was not as big as the MOMA or SOMA in New York and San Francisco but it still had some nice pieces. After buying some souvenirs, we walked a little through downtown Orlando and had a quick bite. This afternoon the girls want to relax again in the lazy river at the pool.

Here they are, decorating and drawing in the museum.


Disney World

Yesterday was Disney World day. The biggest challenge for the girls was to identify which attractions are different to the ones in California’s Disney Land. Of course Disney World is a lot larger (30,000 acres versus 300 acres) but that is because Disney World has several additional parks that are not in California: Disney’s Epcot, Disney Studios, Animal Kingdom and two water parks:  Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. It also has Downtown Disney where there are many shows and entertainment. We went to see La Nouba,  a Cirque du Soleil show. We all liked different parts of the show but the girls with the diabolos were definitely very impressive.

We also went to see a comedy show based on Monsters University and a new attraction based on Lilo and Stitch. There were also some old favorites such as the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. In Splash Mountain however the girls still seem surprised…