AYSO California State Championships March 16th 2014

Yesterday we travelled to Bakersfield, CA, a 2 1/2 hour drive from Irvine to compete for the AYSO State Championship title. We stayed at the Marriott convention center hotel and this morning at 6.30 the alarm went off, Yawn. After a good breakfast, Alexandra had half a cup of Joe to make her awake 😉 we went to the field to play our first game. 1-0 2-0 (Alexandra scored the second goal) 2-1 2-2 and last couple of minutes we scored 3-2 so the finals for The Eagles.
We played hard in the finals but eventually we lost 3-1, Alexandra almost made 3-2, the girls carried their loss with dignity and had big smiles when they received their finalist medal. The girls can be really proud of themselves because from the 248 teams who played AYSO fall extra they became second!!! Awesome weekend 🙂



Roos is jarig…

Roos is passing yet another milestone… 12 years. It is the last time her age will not have the word ‘teen’ yet.

Last year she already became tall enough to drive the big go-karts at Irvine’s K1 circuit. Last year Roos also fired a pistol for the first time in Arizona. Last year Roos grew so much she can almost wear mom’s shoes. Last year Roos went on an overnight camp. Last year Roos found the Men In Black movie funny, not scary.

Keep going Roos… you’re doing awesome !