S’mores in May

S’mores are typically a snack that the girls have only enjoyed during the Christmas visits in Utah. Especially Roos had already been asking for a while to try them in the fireplace so today it was time. It tasted very good with Honey Graham Crackers and Hershey Chocolate.


Milestone for Alex…

Today Alex was just tall enough to go go-kart racing in the adult carts: 4’10”. She did an outstanding job and was only 2 seconds slower than Roos, who has been practicing with me a few times now. Alex had a huge smile after her first race at K1 Racing. The karts they are racing in are electrical carts but in a while I hope to take them to carts with gasoline engine. These are probably a bit slower than electrical (the electrical ones have a lot of torque !) but the sound is a lot nicer.

racing scores