Pirate meeting at Bellmont Pier

After seeing all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, we were always a little bit interested in Pirates. This weekend there was a pirate themed event in Bellmont Shores. Roos and I went there and it was really entertaining. There were a lot of people dressed up as Pirates, Wenches and Mermaids. On the beach entire pirate tents had been setup as well and many of the boats had been converted to pirate ships. Roos ran into a pirate with a rat. The rat even had an earring and a pirates’ hat.



Panic … Dutch store is closing

I hope this isn’t happening because of the suitcases filled with drop coming in with visitors from Zwolle 🙂

Long Beach >> Los Angeles County’s last remaining Dutch market will close for good on Monday after 71 years in business.

The shelves inside Holland American International Specialties in Bellflower stand mostly empty, cleaned out by longtime customers who say they are saddened by the store’s closing but understand that business had taken a hit in recent years.

Holland American International Specialties was founded in 1943 as a small market. It carries specialty gourmet food products ranging from bakery goods and cookies, specialty chocolates and candies, coffee, sauces and spices, cheese and gift items. Favorites among customers include Dutch Speculaas cookies, Venco licorice, Droste letters, Salmiak pastilles, Lavi stroopwafels, Conimex noodles and spices and Honig sauces .


The ladies in concert…

Last week both Roos and Alex had a concert at school. Both had been practicing their instrument throughout the school year and this is the opportunity to show the progress. Alex studies violin and Roos clarinet. Especially dad was a bit tired as he just got back from Europe that afternoon but it was great to hear Alex play. Both mom and dad enjoyed the music and we ate at a food truck.



Roos at 6th grade dance

Tonight Roos went to the sixth grade dance. A few more years until her big graduation. Mom and dad collaborated on making it a success. The first dress was picked with dad. That dress was returned with mom and a better one was found together with shoes.
Roos looks beautiful ..


Polesden Lacey

While Marco was working today and Saskia and Sylvie were in school, Benjamin, Annette and I went to Polesden Lacey. This is a Edwardian House and Estate open to the public. It was really nice inside with a lot of Dutch paintings from the 17th century. Here is one of the nicer hallways.


Tonight we will be watching the first World Cup soccer match: Netherlands vs Spain.

Nederlandse zomer

Rain is the most quintessential part of the Dutch weather …and today was no exception. The temperature was quite nice with 24 degrees and we had planned to go to Giethoorn. My dad, Mientje ( my dad’s friend ) and myself went on a boat tour. Luckily the boat had a cover and we toured the tiny canals for a few hours. In the afternoon the rain stopped and we had coffee outside.


Travel with no luck

Yesterday I left for travel to Europe; normally this is a pretty cheery event. Normally on a Sunday there is no traffic to LAX but this time there had been 4 accidents in total on the freeway. I was on time but it was a big rush. The turbulence on the flight was pretty bad. I’m used to a lot but when the flight attendants start running to their chairs without checking passenger seat belts, you know it is something special. It lasted only 15 minutes or so.
The worst thing however was yet to come. I already was feeling uncomfortable the last few days with a painful feeling under my top left molars. During the flight it got progressively worse and I couldn’t really close my mouth anymore. Luckily the Frankfurt airport has a dentist office so I went there right away. I was very lucky to arrive on regular office hours ( Monday morning at 10am ) so they helped me. Turns out I had a part if my upper jaw infected. They had to cut it open and clean it. Once done I drove to the meeting place for work : Abbaye de la Rammee

It was not a fun drive and tonight I am seeing a Belgian dentist ( French speaking ) to check up on the wound. Not a good way to start practicing French again…