After many years, I finally got my hand on the year book of my last year at the KMA. For some accidental reason I didn’t get it when it was distributed and I had been looking for a copy since. Online a bookshop in Breda got it in June and I saw it as I had an “alert” on it. It has several pictures with me in my final year. Here is the dinner with the flour bombs…


Getting ready for Marco… K1 Racing School

In a few weeks Marco and family will be arriving here and preparations have started. Besides getting the house ready for the guests, Roos and myself today also attended K1 Racing School. This is a go-kart racing class that happened to be held in Irvine this weekend. Last time Marco was here he was quite competitive … but so are we.  The teacher for the event was Patricio Bourdain. He is an experienced professional driver who has been racing in Formula BMW, NASCAR and Formula Renault. He also is a test driver for Ford.

The class started at 8am in Sunday morning so we had to get up early. The first part consisted of theory around breaking, steering and ideal lines on the track. This part was fairly short and we were asked to set a first time around the track. From there the teacher walked with us around the track and placed cones to mark how to take corners or where to break. We then took another round of laps to set a new time. Also the teacher would drive a few laps in front of us to again mark the best line. Finally he observed us from the side while we were doing more laps and gave us suggestions on where we could still improve.  The last part of the class was one more session of laps to get to the fastest time.

Roos ended very close to me. Her lap times improved from high-26 second laps to mid-25 second laps. My laps improved from low-25’s to mid-24’s.  The absolute fastest drivers get around mid-23’s so there is more work to do. We both feel pretty confident we are ready to face the visitors from the UK.


Road trip USA

Going from Greenville, MS to Dallas, TX today. There is a flight option but since it was quite a detour and I had some time to spare so I decided to drive. It was a stretch of road that I had never driven before, going from the most western part of Mississippi through Arkansas and Louisiana into Texas. The distance is about 650km. The fastest would be to follow I-20 West but I decided to see a few back roads that were part of the old Route 80.

The people along the road are very friendly. Saying ‘ hi ‘ and nodding friendly wherever you go. The food is great but dangerous: fried everything !

Nice scenery along the way as I passed through some ‘ small town USA ‘


3 down, one to go..

Today I lost my braces as well after an 2.5 year stint with them. It was quite painful to get them removed. Right now, Mascha is the last one still sporting them. Caramel apples, toffees and spare ribs are officially approved for consumption again. Roos and Alex already lost them a while ago but might be up for a next round in a few years.. I think this was it for me 🙂


At the movies with Roos…


This week was “Transformers” week. We saw the first three movies at home together and today we went to see the latest installment : “Age of Extinction” at the IMAX 3D theatre. Roos loves movies and we now need to look for a new series before the school vacation is over. Maybe X-Men or Mission:Impossible…