Trying Out for soccer again

Yesterday Lexi tried out with AYSO for spring soccer. Weekends at the soccer field are coming up again ? Hopefully Irvine will get their soccer field fixed. This looks like a patch of spinach crops 😄  

Alex makes another appetizer..

It was a busy weekend. Roos had two friends over on Saturday to work on FullSizeRender 12a school video project. It was quite a lot of fun from writing a script to recording and finally editing the various pieces into a single video. Alex had a sleepover with her friend in Laguna Niguel. On Sunday afternoon Alex decided to try a new recipe: chili-cheese bites. They were absolutely excellent and great to nibble on. Alex continues to add to her repertoire of wonderful recipes.


Unlucky Alex …

So far the family had skirted the flu and other illnesses of the winter even while at work and at school many people were sick. Lexi however fell victim this way to a fever and a big cold. On Sunday evening she started to feel bad and had fever and aches all the way through Thursday. She couldn’t go to school which she really regretted. For the last few months she had been practicing for the Musical. This is no small affair. She had practiced even the last two weekends at school and there were going to be 4 performances: Monday through Thursday. Of course she couldn’t go and mom has sold the tickets for the performance we were going to go to. More than 10 other kids in the musical had also been taken out with a flu by the time it was Thursday. Lexi had started to feel better at that time. Roos was a great sister and had baked a cake of which Lexi got to try the first slice.

On Friday morning however Lexi woke up with ear pain and we discovered a developing an ear infection. Luckily mom was able to get her a quick appointment and some pills before they headed off to San Diego for a long weekend. 

Girls who code ..

girlswhocodeToday was quite a busy day for a Saturday. In the morning Alex had to be at school at 09.00am for rehearsal of the musical. Roos and her friend Reese went with me go-karting at K1 Speed. At noon we had to pick up Alex as mom signed up the girls at the University of California Irvine (UCI) computer science department. There was a special class for middle-school girls about programming (‘coding’). A lot of girls who like computers and programming attended including several from the Vista Verde school. The afternoon was sponsored by Google and as a side benefit, there were goodie bags with Google pens, sun glasses and other items. 

 Yesterday was a pretty busy day too. Roos was home at 9pm from a play date and Lexi finished up yet another rehearsal at 8.30pm. Tonight everyone is going to hang on the couch with some comfort food. Tomorrow, Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll be sleeping in.