Eating Sushi

On Easter Sunday we all felt like going to sushi for dinner, although the sushi was good it’s not as good as Bistro. 


ATV in Arizona 

We left for Arizona on Friday and got there around 5, the car ride was very boring. On Saturday we went ATVing and we also go to meet a wolf dog cross breed. He was super sweet and his name was Chonin. It was pretty fun in Arizona.  


Class of 2020

It’s hard to believe but Roos-Marijn is part of the “Class of 2020”. She’ll graduate from High School in 2020. She’s going to start of the summer vacation and is most likely going to Aliso Niguel High School in Aliso Viejo. It is a pretty big school: 3000 students across 4 years. Roos has the next few months to think about what subjects she wants to pick. Like for mom and dad in the past this is an important choice as it will start to influence what further studies will be open to her. It is also possible in the US to graduate high school but the diploma doesn’t allow entry into a university (e.g. not enough math). Roos also has a choice of foreign languages including French and Spanish but especially the options for sports are huge.. this is America after all. Everything from Lacrosse to waterpolo to wrestling to rugby to surfing to golf…

Meanwhile Alexandra is still on vacation with her friend Juliette. She is now in Orlando for a few days and will be back home early next week.


I am having so much fun in my 3 week vacation break. I have traveled to the Bahamas with Juliette again. We just finished swimming and Juliette is braiding my hair â—‹.â—‹



5-0 win

Lexi’s team won today. Lex played forward and setup at least 2 goals. 


Happy Birthday to Roos

Yesterday was Roos-Marijn’s birthday. She turned 14.  The cake is ready for tomorrow morning and for her birthday she is getting a bedroom make-over. We’ve been working on the details for a few weeks. Most items are already delivered but we’ll need to wait for her new bed and curtains to have it all complete.