The nature of sound

Tonight was Lexi’s last concert at elementary school. Next year she’ll go to middle school in Aliso Viejo. Tonight however she is performing a last concert at Vista Verde to close off the school year. The concert is called the ” nature of sound “and it was performed in the University Synagogue. There were songs by the various grades at Vista Verde. Lexi’s group, the fifth graders, sang 3 songs that were all in a different language. The final song was performed by all grades at the same time. 


Alex is occasionally picking up crafts. She already started scrapbooking a few weeks ago and today she wanted to make bath bombs. While most of the ingredients were easy to find, the search for citric acid took us to 5 stores this afternoon. The consternation was especially with Roos as she had decided to tag along on the shopping run but hadn’t counted on this. 

 We’re going to need these relaxing bath balls tonight. 

No luck..

Trying to get in a taxi from the hotel to the airport when this happens…


It has been a while but this week I’m back in New York City. Just my luck that tonight will probably be the coldest night since 1873. Temperatures are expected to drop to freezing in some parts on the NY/NJ area. 

 This week I will present to the rating agencies : S&P, Fitch and Moody’s here in Manhattan.