Roos is doing her dad proud. This summer she’s starting waterpolo. A sport that I also enjoyed for many years. Roos is experiencing first hand that it is a physically challenging activity. She’s walking around like and old lady because of soreness from lunges, push-ups and weight training. Playing a match is also a challenge even though it only lasts 20 mins. Roos has talent however and while her team lost their game today, Roos played really well. 

Lake Tahoe

Went to Lake Tahoe and had a lot of fun there, we went stand up paddle boarding and I feel into the cold water 3 time before I got Lexie to fall in 😋

The Hobbit Marathon

This weekend is the first summer break weekend. We decided to do a marathon. Both Roos-Marijn and Alex got their favorite chips and icecream from the grocery store in preparation. We watched the 3 Hobbit movies.. the extended versions. Took a total of 474 minutes. Given that both girls have extensive outdoor summer camps scheduled for the next few weeks, that should be ok. Lord of the Rings will be next. 

New Life

Today, June 9 2016, is that end of one school life, and the beginning of a new one. Today Vista Verde school year is out and I will be going to Don Juan Avillua Middle School for 7th and 8th grade. My sister on the other hand is going to Highschool and just graduated!

I will miss you so much friends and Vista Verde


Roos graduated middle school

Tonight was Roos’ graduation from Vista Verde and from middle school. After the summer break Roos will go to high school in Aliso Viejo and start a new phase. The graduation event was in the Marriott in Irvine and several of mom’s friends attended in support of Roos. 

 Both mom and dad were very proud of Roos. We had a quick meal after in the restaurant of the hotel. A few more days at school this week for both Roos and Alex but summer break is just around the corner.