Corgi beach day 

Today was another Corgi Beach day and we went to see several hundred of them. There was a Halloween costume contest for corgi’s and they all seem to enjoy the attention very much. 

City of Hope family picknic

This Saturday was the annual picknic at my place of of work. It was held at the Santa Anita race track and there were several thousand people of our hospital. The Santa Anita track is a horse racing track and during the picknic is was possible to bet. There were also a lot of activities for kids focused on science ( city of hope is an academic research hospital after all ). Roos and Alex had a good time even if it was quite a warm day at 30•C. 


Waterpolo tournament

It is turning out to be a very busy weekend. On Friday evening Lexie had waterpolo training from 5pm to 7pm. Afterwards she had a sleep over at her friend Juliette where she arrived around 7.30pm. Roos and dad did grocery shopping on Saturday morning after having breakfast at one of our favorite places: Mollie’s country kitchen. I picked up Lexie in the early afternoon while Roos baked a chocolate cake. On Sunday morning it was an early rise because Lexie had a small waterpolo tournament. Her first game was at 9am but warm-up started at 8.30am. Mom came to watch the game as well. Sadly Lexi and her team lost (5-1 and 10-1). This afternoon both girls are going to get their hair cut and there is more waterpolo for both of them tomorrow. Roos has a game against Dana Point High school team at 5pm while Lexi has regular training.