Biking to school

Roos has started biking to school this week. This had been discussed for a while. It gives Roos a bit more freedom to chat after school with her friends but it also gives mom and dad a bit more flexibility. The trip is quite hilly though and the 3 gears on the Dutch Gazelle bike imported into the US in 2004 aren’t really up for the job. Roos is getting an electrical bike this weekend. They are becoming quite popular and they allow her to zip up the hills. 

 Here she is today on Mom’s old Gazelle on her way to school. 

Waterpolo in the rain ..

Lexi had a waterpolo tournament today. It was however only two quarters before she was permanently removed from the game. Two fouls resulted in her watching the rest of the game from the bleachers ! 

 It has been raining a lot here the past week and today was no exception. The waterpolo game was in quite a bit of rain. 

First business trip of the year 

At City of Hope I don’t travel as much as I did at Mars. However the business trips are often much closer and not international. These flights get delayed at lot more. It seems I hit the jackpot on the first one for the year. 

 The good news is that I’m departing from John Wayne Airport which is very close to my house. After the second delay I decided to go to airport however. Better safe than sorry and I needed to get lunch. 

Happy new year ! 

Another year has gone by. Happy new year ! A lot happened this year. Two trips to Holland. One to the U.K. For work to China.  Both girls left Vista Verde behind. Alexandra is in Middle School. Roos is well into her first year in High School. I’m into my second year at City of Hope and that’s a long daily commute. Roos isn’t too far off from a drivers license but in the mean time a little bit more flexibility around pickup and drop off at school would be very welcome for me. Today we therefore finally tried out what it would be to bike. While the distance isn’t too far, Aliso Viejo is quite hilly. To get there, door-to-door, is 20 minutes. Back home, which is mostly uphill is 30 minutes. Mom’s old Dutch bike might not have the gears to easily get up the hill. I think Roos needs a hybrid bike with a small electric motor.