The weather hasn’t been great this week but we have been able to bike a bit. Yesterday we went to visit Ome Jan and Tante Riekie, who live in Heerde. 

 After we got home we went for a nice dinner in Restaurant ‘t Soerel. The food was excellent. The main course was 4 different types of veal. When we got home we decided to walk over to the local cafe called “Teun”. While my dad never goes there, they of course knew who he was. They called my nephew Johannes who comes to cafe once a week and he and his wife Magreet came over. It is surprising how they can live in the same small town, yet they hadn’t seen each other for a few years. I hadn’t seen Johannes for at least a decade. It was very nice to catch up over a drink. Bertine, who was with me in elementary school “de Goede Herderschool” happened to walk in as well. 

 Today we biked along some of the new biking paths in the uiterwaarden along the river Ijssel. We got back just before it started to get wet again. 

Home …

Arrived home after a long trip… a good  4 hour drive from Frankfurt to Wapenveld. I did get the mandatory bockworst on my drive over augmented by a strong coffee. 

Catching up with my dad. 

 All that’s left today is a shower. 

Chaotic start to my trip to Wapenveld …

On way my to Wapenveld… but it was off to a bit of a chaotic start. I knew it wouldn’t be smooth as I had to fly through San Francisco: no direct flight. The limo pickup did not go as scheduled. The company kept claiming the car was there but that was clearly not true. Eventually a car arrived but that was a full 15 minutes after it had supposedly arrived. Traffic was horrendous and the driver took every backroad he new to get me to the airport. The airport was a zoo too. Escalators were broken so I had to frantically look for an elevator. Of course that had 100 people in front of it. Luckily the customs went quite quickly ( thanks to TSA special status ) and I made it to the gate with 20 minutes to spare. 

 Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here and hopefully Mascha turns off the lights in my house. Roos and Alex were still there this morning as Mascha was on her way back from a trip to Vegas. I guess we all need some vacation… 

 Update 2pm :  well it wasn’t smooth sailing. The plane sat on the runway for about an hour in LAX. This cut my layover time from 1:15h down to 15 minutes. That meant a sprint from gate 73 to gate 95 in SFO. I just made it. On my way to Frankfurt… 

Father’s Day

Roos and Alex got me the "they shall not pass" video game DLC. I was only allowed to play it for about an hour however as they wanted to play their own game on the Wii U. I focused most of the afternoon on completing a module from a course I'm currently following online at Stanford. 

 For dinner we went to a Colombian restaurant. It is a hole-in-the-wall type restaurant but the food is excellent. 

 De cola is called Kola and from Colombia as well… so it must be good ! 

Summer activities

Roos and Alex are in their first full week of summer vacation. No school and lots of relaxation. Alex went to town center with her friends to have lunch and hang out a little bit on Saturday. Roos made some real money as she sold one of her drawings. She has quite a few followers online. With school out, she has a little more time to work on her art. Below is one of her drawings. 

On Saturday night, Alex had a sleepover with her best friend. This time it was at her friends house, so Roos and I decided to go see a scary movie ( Lexie isn't a fan of those ). We picked The Mummy, a remake of a remake but always good for some scary scenes. 

 Sunday was time for a typical American dish: ribs. Given that on Independence Day I'm planning to be in the Netherlands, I decided to start grilling early. I need a little practice as Marco and family will be arriving right when I'm back.