End of season banquet

The end of the season for waterpolo is here and it is celebrated with a girls versus parents match and a banquet. The coach has collected the stats for the season and Lexi ranked on the top for attempts at goal (51) and goals (43) this year. She was ahead of her friend Marley who had 36 goals.

Lexie won the award for the best defensive player .. we are still trying to figure that one out.

OC Snow

It has been fairly cold and rainy this winter in Southern California. The drought conditions from the last several years are now virtually gone, although they have been replaced with larger wildfires in the summer and mudslides. Yesterday however was something new for us as well: Snow in Los Angeles and Orange County. As close as a few miles from my house there was actual snow although at higher altitudes there has always been visual snow on the mountains around Los Angeles.

The picture below was taken at work earlier last week and shows the mountains

Baking cookies

It’s not that often anymore that Roos and Alex do things together but today they were baking cookies. The idea sprung up when we were doing grocery shopping yesterday. The cream cheese cookies tasted really good.