Happy new year and a visit from Marco

The new year, and new decade is already more than a week old. Happy new year !

Marco came to visit early this year already. He works for Abbvie since about a year and is traveling more frequently to the US. In november I saw him in San Francisco but this time he was even closer. He had a meeting in West Lake Village this week but decided to arrive early so he could visit. It was still as flash visit as he was at my house with Annette for only 1 day. We went out to dinner and had a good time. We finalized the plan is to travel to The Netherlands in May to move Jansie’s urn onto the same cemetery as our mothers. As Marco and Annette rushed to Westlake Village on Sunday afternoon (for a dry run of his presentation on Monday ), I made my way to San Francisco to attend JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2020.