Above the clouds

When we were in Hawai’i in 2012 we took a trip to Hana and went hiking through the bamboo forest. This forest is one one of the slopes of the big volcano called Haleakala. Yesterday we went up the volcano from the other side which looks very different. About halfway up the volcano you enter a Haleakala National Park and in the park there are several shorter and longer hikes. The temperature in the Park was almost 20C lower than at the beach. Luckily we had anticipated this and brought sweaters. We drove all the way to the summit first, which is at just over 10,000 ft and one the way back stopped at one of the trailheads just underneath the summit for a hike. We took the Keonehe’ehe’e trail (Sliding Sands). It looks a bit like a moon landscape and you see the clouds below.

On our way back we tried to get a bite of food at a town we hadn’t visited before, Paia as we had a recommendation for a good restaurant there. It being Christmas Eve, most places were booked though. We decided to stop off for a shave ice, the first one on the trip, before heading back and eating at the hotel lounge bar. It had been a long day. The trip up the volcano is an almost 2 hour drive.

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