Yesterday was an unplanned day out of the schedule for us. I was feeling really sick; no idea why because Roos and I ate the same thing. We had Tarte Flambee at a restaurant near the Cathedral the evening before. Roos didn’t mind so much as it allowed her a day in her PJs, drawing on her iPad. In the early afternoon she however was sent out to a nearby Boulangerie to get some nourishment. She skipped over the pre-made sandwiches and came back with one dry baguette (for me) and a chocolate cake (for herself ). The chocolate cake had raspberry filling … so it had fruit I guess. The argument could also be made that a sick person should also have dry bread.

Towards the late afternoon I was starting to feel better. In the evening we had a hot chocolate milk in the hotel. The city of Strasbourg is beautiful at Christmas time. I’ve been here often for work in the past but never around Christmas.

This morning we are leaving for our next stop: Cologne. Wrapping up breakfast before we start driving.


This morning we had a few hours to spare before taking the train to Strasbourg at 4pm. After breakfast we walked over to the Louvre. Roos was interested in the Egyptian section. Jet lag is definitely real however and after about 2 hours we both had seen enough Egyptian papyrus, trinkets and sarcophagi. We stopped to have a hot chocolate milk at a nearby cafe and are getting ready to pack our bags to take the high speed train from Gare D’Est.

Catacombs of Paris

This evening we visited the catacombs of Paris. It was one of the sights that Roos had wanted to go to Paris for. We had a quick dinner at Cafe Rendezvous-Vous before heading across the road and down the 234 steps to almost 60 feet below the streets.

We were the last ones in and the guard walked after us to close up. After we came out we took a taxi to the Louvre and walked around a the area a little until we found a cafe that had hot chocolate milk.

Roos has arrived …

This morning Roos arrived at Paris CDG after traveling by herself to France. Great time to practice her French language skills and impress the teacher back at school. We will stay in France for a few days but then drive to the Netherlands to visit family.

Op schoot bij die oude man…

 Net als vorig jaar kwam ook dit jaar Santa Claus weer op bezoek bij Roos en Alex. Het was een echte verrassing toen er op de deur van de kamer werd geklopt. Een van Santa’s helpers had natuurlijk melk en koekjes meegebracht en Santa wilde weten of de dames wel lief waren geweest dit jaar. Enige zelfkennis is de dames niet vreemd want ze wisten wel dat ze teveel ruzie maakten met elkaar. Er werd ook een traditioneel verhaal voorgelezen door een van Santa’s elven : ” ‘t was the night before Christmas ” en na een familie foto was het tijd voor bed. Hopelijk komt Santa vanacht langs met de cadeaus…